Mark is the tallest member on Private Street. Seriously, it's not even close. You can also see him on the UCBTLA Harold team NOMI MALONE and the UCBTLA Maude team Bombardier. Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Mark loves horror movies, Batman, and drinking Old Fashioned.

Theatrical: Nic de Armendi at JLA Talent 310-600-8068

Management: Reg Tigerman at Levity Entertainment Group 310-417-4800

Commercial: Osbrink Agency 818-760-2488

Mark's Reels - (General, "Mama Rig" Short Scenes, Live Sketch)

Commercials! (Canon, Gillette Spec, Jack in the Box, Federal Union Parody) 

"Wisecrack" YouTube Channel's "Earthling Cinema" Series

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