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Funny Or Die produced a sketch show with Private Street for their Test Tube series. Watch it!!!


Private Street is a sketch comedy group formed in 2011, that is a mainstay at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Each member of PS is also a performer on a separate UCB Maude Team (All In, Bombardier, Eastwood, Glendale, and Judith). 

PS can be seen on UCB's sketch show on Seeso called "The UCB Show". They've also been featured on Key & Peele, Pretty Little Liars, Cougartown, a bunch of commercials, Funny Or Die,, SlapTV, and little known video platform called "".

Private Street has A LOT OF COOL SHIT going on, including their own web series on SlapTV, so you should have a chat with them! (look in the contact section for their info!). SLAM!

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